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At Tait Strategy & Storytelling, we work with brands to help them tell their story. Sometimes that means capturing the emotional heart of the brand in a few choice words or developing a full brand strategy. Sometimes it's penning a blog; developing a content strategy; guiding a social media initiative; building a compelling deck or writing content for  a website. Indeed, sometimes that means starting at the very beginning and developing a name. No matter how a brand wants to tell their story, we help them find just the right words.

My Story
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When I was trying to break into advertising, I was given an old style copy test as part of my job application to join Leo Burnett. Part of the copy test was to describe a delicious dish. While Leo may have been expecting a mouth watering description of a juicy hamburger, I delivered a story of a star crossed newlywed who communes with the satellite dish on the roof of a Niagara Falls motel. What can I say, I love stories and tell them constantly.

Most of all, I love to tell the stories that are inherent in any brand. And I've had the good luck to work with brands with compelling stories to tell:  Meta, Apple, McDonald’s, Hilton, J&J, Mazda, Kraft, P&G, Microsoft, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to name a few. 


My own story has been wonderfully eclectic. I’ve developed national ad campaigns for blue chip brands and penned just about every format used across marketing communications.  I've developed keynote presentations for Meta overseeing the design and writing the speaker notes for senior execs across work streams as varied as News Partnership marketing  and Equity, Culture and Social Impact marketing. The latter has been particularly gratifying as we work with Strategic Communities to support BIPOC content creators. 


I've named and developed the brand strategy for an Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence fronted by the pharmaceutical giant Roche. I've developed the brand strategy for Meta’s CrowdTangle analytical tool as well the Facebook Journalism Project. And I've both named and developed the brand and content strategy for a number of tech and financial start-ups. 


My reputation is that of a well-credentialed strategic creative thinker who has a penchant for storytelling, a compelling writer and presenter with a talent and a passion for making the complex simple and then the simple, compelling.

As for what comes next, that could very well be in your hands. Let’s talk. 

The story to this point…


What we do

Tait Strategy & Storytelling offers a robust suite of marketing communication services. While our primary offering focuses on writing strategically and creatively, we also collaborate with an impressive roster of designers (graphic, UX and web), editorial writers, filmmakers and photographers to provide clients bespoke solutions.


Content Strategy

We plan, write and edit compelling and onbrand content. We audit existing content, develop key messaging, apply audience insights and map out full funnel content calendars in delivering effective content strategies. 


Branded Content Cornerstones

A proprietary tool emanating from the brand strategy, branded content cornerstones are four words or two-word phrases that offer a valuable tool to help keep editorial-style content on brand.


Brand Strategy

Through workshops and audits, we discover what your brand really stands for. We then articulate the key brand components giving you a roadmap on how your brand should show up across your marketing communication architecture.


Presentations & Speaker Notes

A somewhat unique offering, TS&S has developed a tried and true process for building compelling, informative and entertaining decks and pitches. We structure the story you want to tell; write speaker notes and either design bespoke slides or work with existing company templates. Whether a deck for new business, investor pitches, AGMs, new product announcement or sales, we help you achieve your objectives.



Develop crisp engaging and SEO optimized copy for all formats and channels: Websites, Email, Advertising (print, TV, radio), Collateral, Online video, Social Media, Advertorial.

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